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one-to-one quality tuition from £5 per hour (condition needs students from the same family studying for 2 hours )

We teach Maths, English, and Science from Primary to Secondary. We have an excellent reputation due to our excellent pass rate. Book a free trial lesson today

One-to-One tuition from £10 (Limited Places)

Mr Dilbagh Raja ( Founder, head of Tettenhall Tuition)

Mr Raja has over twenty years of tutoring experience. He has been tutoring from key stage 1 to Advance level including 11+. He has got thousands of students through Grammar Schools and who have now become Doctors, Dentists and Investment Bankers including his own son and daughter. Mr Raja has an outstanding reputation with an 95 % pass rate for Grammar Schools and 98% GCSE A* to C Grades.



Maths & English tuition for children between Y1 to Y5.



Maths, English, Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning from Y3 to Y5.



Maths & English Tuition for Year 6 SATs Examinations.



Maths, English & Science tuition for Y7 & Y8 students.



English, Maths & Science for Y9, Y10 & Y11 GCSE students.



English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry & Physics Tuition.

Excellent Success rate

All of our students makesignificant improvements in their work If they do not we will refund you your money.

One to one tuition from £5 per hour (Limited Places)


What our Students say

Tuition in Wolverhampton

I wanted to do Medicine at University but my predicted grades were really low but with Mr Rajas excellent tuition I was able to secure a place at University

Tuition in Wolverhampton

G. Jolly

Tuition in Wolverhampton

I have tried lots of tutors but Mr raja is one of the best and I would highly recommend him. My son kept failing his GCSE Maths and Tettenhall Tuition made him pass his exam

Tuition in Wolverhampton

Mark Wood

Tuition in Wolverhampton

Mr raja has got my son through King Edwards Grammar School, and two of my daughters through Girls High Grammar School, and is currently teaching my son 11+. He is one of the best tutors I have ever known.

Tuition in Wolverhampton

A. Stephen

Tuition in Wolverhampton

They provide quality tuition and help you with any topic you are struggling with. They give lots of homework related to the topics you struggle with. The homework is promptly marked and areas of improvement noted. Parents are always up to date with our progress

Tuition in Wolverhampton

M. Smith


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